Wrist bands showing personality types.
Wrist bands showing personality types.
Helping startups scale
Helping startups scale


Silicon Growth provides strategic guidance and practical support for startups and scaleups. We advise, design and implement.


Sales strategy 

Sales enablement

Sales operations


Silicon Growth fulfills the role of VP Sales or amplifies the output of existing sales leaders. We'll do more than help you reach your goal, we'll build an effective & efficient sales capability that lasts.

Sales Strategy


Silicon Growth can develop your complete go-to-market sales strategy. From researching market size and segmentation, conducting market validation, defining strategic objectives, setting sales goals and headcount, to designing the most appropriate sales practices and executing on sales goals in a timely manner.

Sales Enablement


Silicon Growth can provide practical guidance for incumbent managers or directly lead your team. We equip managers/teams with the tools & processes required to sell effectively and manage effectively. And through the ongoing evolution of those tools & processes we ensure your sales team continues to do the right activity, often enough and effectively enough to scale with your ambition.

Sales Operations


Often given insufficient importance by early-stage startups, sales operations is an area where Silicon Growth is able to make quick wins and achieve long-lasting efficiencies. In fact, optimizing the structure of your territory and sales team will typically also lead to improvements in the sales proposition and sales workflow.

Product Development


For clients in the HR & recruitment sector, Silicon Growth offers a product development service. We have a deep understanding of recruitment technology and can advise on issues such as recruitment models, product functionality, user behaviour and monetization. Silicon Growth's HR & recruitment experience covers social media, communities, marketplaces, employer branding, staff onboarding and training.

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