Wrist bands showing personality types.
Wrist bands showing personality types.
Helping startups scale
Helping startups scale

Startups we've helped to scale: Snap.hr, The-Dots, Benivo, Syft, Motivii, YunoJuno, Fuse Universal, Wide Learning.

We're passionate about startups. As employees and as Silicon Growth we've worked with a number of startups to help solve their unique business growth challenges.

The Dots

Recruitment platform for the creative community


Consultant, reporting to CEO / Founder.


Brief: advise on sales strategy and sales operations, advise on business plan to secure investment.

Deliverables: shape the sales model for 5-year business plan, review sales proposition, refine sales process, including CRM and forecasting.

Patrick consulted one-day a week at The Dots for a full year, helping raise £4M, before joining as VP Talent Solutions to lead sales.

Pip Jamieson, Founder, The Dots


Low cost relocation service


Consultant, reporting to CCO.


Brief: lead the sales development team, enhancing processes and communication of the proposition.

Deliverables: increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales development function.


On-demand hospitality staffing app


Sales Director, reporting to CEO / Co-Founder.


Following a £2.65M angel investment I was engaged by Syft to translate their business goals into sales strategies and scale the team. I redefined roles to fit new initiatives, built sales operations, created prioritized territories, implemented Salesforce, set KPIs, doubled the sales team and hired a sales manager.


I also support Syft through my role on their Advisory Board. 

"Patrick has been an instrumental part of Syft's success. For a fast growing start-up, Patrick proved to be incredibly valuable to us, not only his expertise in ensuring we were setting our processes up correctly for scaling but also in his mentorship of our sales team."

Jack Beaman & Novo Abakare, Co-Founders


Weekly feedback tool for teams and managers.


Brief: Review sales proposition and process, get hands-on with the sales team and sales opportunities, support next phase of sales.


Freelancer marketplace


VP Sales, reporting to the COO / Co-Founder. 


I led the commercial team's preparations for scaling up, translating a 300% growth target into priority initiatives, OKRs, redefined roles & workflows, and growing my 3 teams (sales, implementation and account management) from 6 to 12.

Fuse Universal

e-Learning platform


Sales Director, reporting to the CEO / Co-Founder. 


Following a $10M investment I joined Fuse to ready the sales team for growth; redefining roles, improving processes and doubling the sales team. Additionally I prepared an expansion plan for a 6-month stretch goal.

Wide Learning

Online e-Learning


Head of Sales, reporting to the COO / Co-Founder. 


Wide Learning was a pioneer of e-learning, 10 years ahead of it's time!  The London startup of 7 people grew to 170+ over 3 years, raising £17M of investment.  I was the 1st salesperson; responsible for hiring the sales team, developing the sales strategy and sales proposition, as well as training and managing the teams as we scaled rapidly.  

Additionally, I proposed new products that enabled Wide Learning to expand sales into new sectors.

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